Throughout ensuing years of expertise in the realm of trucking and transportation logistics, our experience serves as a platform in offering a diverse array of transportation and distributive solutions. Narita's core services comprises of the following:

Container Haulage

  Capable of handling over 4,000 TEUs /month.

  Services Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Pasir Gudang and PSA in Singapore.

  In-house maintenance to ensure quick turnaround and maintain integrity of parts being used.

  24-hour Emergency Unit to attend to breakdowns and secure the vehicle.

  All Prime Movers are fitted with GPS tracking and are being monitored.

Conventional Trucking

  Provide services from Singapore – JB – KL.
(3 ton, 8 ton, 40' truck)

  Well-versed in handling Project Cargo by utilizing low bed trailers via a strategic partnership with equipment owners.

  Co-ordination and securing of cargo for transport of heavy machinery.

Customs Brokerage

Through our subsidiary Narita Forwarding Sdn. Bhd, we provide customs brokerage for all entry points into Johor.

  e.g. Senai Airport, Port of Pasir Gudang, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Port of Tanjung Langsat, Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (1st Link), Tanjung Kupang (2nd Link)

  We are able to prepare the necessary documentation & clearance for K1, K2, K3, K8 & K9 as stipulated


  Non-bonded warehouse with 15,000 sq. ft of storage space
  Selective Racking System for 1,062 standard - sized pallets
  Forklifts and stacker supporting warehous -ing operation
  Central Monitoring System by K-Force
  Secured with 24-hour CCTV, Security Guard and Burglar Alarm

Warehouse Management

  Utilizes Warehouse Management System designed by Maslog

  Capabilities of the afore-mentioned system include a 2D view of Warehouse layout and racking, Managing inbound / outbound cargo and generating inventory report

Ocean Freight

  Provide Ocean Freight quotes for import/export shipments.

  Achieve competitive rates via Strategic Partnerships with major carriers & internationally - renowned freight forwarders.
  Primary focus is around (but not limited to) Intra-Asia.
In a bid to further streamline our day-to-day operations with greater efficiency, we have utilized IT systems such as mobile apps to enhance accuracy and productivity. A case in point would be the Mobile Haulage Kit, which is essentially a job tracking system dedicated to our delivery operation. This allows drivers to update their job status on the go and the information gathered is simultaneously conveyed to our internal Haulage system. As such, this enables our Operations and Customer Service teams to monitor the fleet's movement in a more precise manner.

On another note, our web-based tracking system was implemented to allow customers to have better visibility of their shipments in real time. Rest assured that this service would be provided in a secured online environment.